Cross Borders is not currently recruiting, however, we are always accepting resumes from experienced and trained personnel.


We believe one of the most important skills to have is leadership. Leadership is a universal balance that crosses over in all aspects of life – professionally and personally. It can never be mastered, only improved with practice and commitment. Leadership starts with taking ownership in our own lives by leading ourselves first before we can lead others.

Why is leadership important to us?

  • Leadership allows us to work safe
  • Leadership allows us to innovate
  • Leadership offers the ability for people to grow 
  • Leadership pushes us beyond our comfort zones
  • Leadership is good for our relationships
  • Leadership is good for our children
  • Leadership teaches us humility
  • Leadership allows us to WIN.

Over the past 4 years, we have invested a significant amount of time and money in our people dedicated to various types of leadership training. We have developed a great relationship with a company called Extraordinary Learning out of Seattle, WA who hosts a 7 day program called 21st Century Leadership that we regularly send our people to. 

In order for us to move the needle, we recognize the importance of developing our people and providing them with the fundamental skills they need in order to lead, take ownership, and WIN.



H2S Alive

You should be able to find an H2S Alive course close to home. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Training Programs" or "Safety Consultants & Training", or enter "H2S Alive" and your city in your search engine to find a course near you. Enform is the preferred certification.


CSTS (Construction Safety Training Systems) is offered by most provincial construction associations. SCOT (Safety Construction Orientation Training) is available through the SCSA. You need to have one or the other. (PST will be accepted if you have obtained it previously.)

First Aid/CPR

Check online at St. John's Ambulance or Canadian Red Cross to find out when these courses are offered in your area.

10 Best Things

Ten BEST things about working in our industry

  • Higher than average wages — average fulltime year one salary is $75,000, average fulltime five year salary is $150,000
  • You build great relationships with your crews
  • Our company is quite small and maintains a family atmosphere
  • We promote from within
  • Cross Borders has a great training program, you will always be learning new skills
  • You get to travel
  • Our company has a great network, you will always be meeting new people
  • We have some of the best safety policies in the industry
  • We run top of the line equipment
  • We have year-round work and minimal layoffs

10 Worst Things

Ten WORST things about working in our industry

  • Working in extreme temperatures (-50 in winter, +40 in coveralls and gear in summer)
  • Working away from home for long periods of time
  • Working in remote places, no access to amenities or luxuries
  • VERY labour intensive work
  • Shift work, getting used to switching between days and nights
  • Long hours: 12 hour shifts, 14+ days in a row
  • Work can be very dangerous
  • The job is very high stress
  • You are always working under tight deadlines
  • The industry/our company has very strict policies, there is no room for error