Hydrogeo Drilling / Water Sourcing

Cross Borders has versatile equipment to drill a variety of wells ranging in depths and diameter with mud rotary, dual rotary, or sonic drilling rigs. Our experience includes:

  • Drilling and installing commercial production wells with depths to 500 m
  • Constant rate and step draw-down testing
  • Drilling and installing wells through challenging and unconsolidated formations
  • Sealing off zones with nitrogen packers to create zonal isolation where cementing is not permitted

We stock the following items to assist you in your next hydrogeological drilling program:

  • Digital flow meters
  • Water level meters
  • Lay flat hose
  • Drop pipe
  • Certa Lok casing
  • Pumps

If you have questions on our capabilities or offerings, give us a call or send us an email. (306) 781-4484 or info@crossborders.ca