Cross Borders Consulting Ltd. is committed to ensuring a safe work place with zero harm to people and the environment.

Our experienced employees work as a team, with the safety and well-being of each member being the central focus. We provide continual industry training to our staff and equip them with the knowledge they need to operate safely when drilling in the most challenging work environments in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and across the world.

Our exemplary safety record is important not only because we value the health and welfare of our employees, but also because it allows us to provide consistent, reliable, quality service to our clients.


Safety Technician

A major aspect of our field safety program is having a physical presence with the workers in the field. Our drilling programs are supported by the Health & Safety Manager and Field Technicians.

Field Safety technicians:
  • Encourage safe behaviours and work habits by monitoring workers and providing motivation
  • Intervene on and correct unsafe behaviours
  • Perform equipment and site inspections
  • Monitor program safety administration and perform data trending
  • Coach workers on safety documentation requirements
  • Ensure safety equipment is inspected and maintained
  • Provide mentorship and guidance

Drilling Program Safety Requirements

  • WCB Letter of Good Standing
  • Equipment certifications and mechanical inspections on all equipment arriving to site
  • Personnel tickets and proof of pre-project course training certifications (if required)
Daily On-site; during project:
  • Daily vehicle pre-trip inspection
  • Rig DROPS inspection
  • JHA and procedural review
  • FLHA for every non routine task
  • Observation cards – minimum 1 per day per crew member



In the past year we have implemented a digital safety management system that allows us to track and monitor all safety documentation in real time. Daily safety meetings, FLHA’s, JHA’s are all completed on a mobile device – either tablet or phone.


  • WCB Letter of Good Standing
  • Track worker engagement
  • Track frequency of form submissions


  • See every form signed at every job site in real time
  • Improved accountability for Workers to fill out required documentation
  • Quickly see critical forms that require immediate attention (Eg. Near-Miss, Incident Reports, etc.)


  • Engineered hydraulic staircases
  • Engineered hydraulic rig and core shack floors
  • Engineered hydraulic catwalks
  • Built support equipment with air crane gantry creating a hands free environment
  • Sonic rigs are engineered with automated rod handling equipment


In 2018, we started our very own internal innovation team giving our people a voice and contribute to making their direct workplace more safe and innovative. Recently, one of our employees invented a mechanical tubular handling system in an effort to prevent Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.


We believe safety starts with people. We strive to create a culture of safety within our Company that sets us apart.

Cross Borders Consulting Ltd. utilizes an extensive system of cultural safety training that is designed to inspire employee excellence at all levels.

Elements of our cultural safety include:

Custom-built, interactive training modules that focus on effective leaders and teams.

Bi-weekly team building activities.

Behavioural based safety rewards system.

Project kick-off meetings with all project personnel to communicate objectives, answer questions, and foster camaraderie amongst clients, the Company, and sub-contractors.

Company trips for off-site leadership training and project wrap-up meetings.